Custom Home Builders and Commercial Contractors | Saratoga Springs, New York

As a family-owned business, Galarneau family members are involved in every aspect of its operation.

Lucien “Lou” Galarneau
Company Founder and President

Lou began working in the building trades in 1974. For several years he worked for Van Mar Builders, Saratoga’s foremost home building team at the time. By 1980 Lou was managing site development and custom home building in Van Mar’s Lakewood Estates. When the company closed Lou took on several of its employees and started Galarneau Builders, Inc.

Lou’s experience is wide-ranging, from minor renovations and small additions to multi-million dollar homes and massive historic renovations. His peers and colleagues admire his passion for building, his eye for architecture and his exacting commitment for quality excellence.

Richard “Ric” Galarneau
Vice President

Ric began as a General Electric machinist. In 1983 he joined his brother as an on-site Project Manager. Currently he heads Maple Avenue Realty (the company’s sales and marketing arm) and oversees estimating and day-to-day construction management.

Ric’s 27 years with the company has given him extensive experience in both residential and commercial construction. He worked closely with all 89 homeowners in our Brookfield’s neighborhood in Wilton to assure they received the highest level of personal attention and quality construction. Ric has also worked with more than a dozen different dental practices in our area over the past 10 years. He has really enjoyed working with the local dental community and has gained quite a lot of valuable experience with this side of commercial construction.